10 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

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Going for a walk will make your dog’s day. You might be thinking walking is easy. Well, this isn’t always the case. Many dogs need a lot of training before they can properly walk well on the lead. There are a few dangers that you need to be aware of when walking your pet. So let us see the 10 dog walking tips that everyone should know before going on those all-important walkies.

Here are the 10 Dog walking tips

Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know
Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

1. Pick the right leash

It is very important for you to choose the right leash for your pet. Especially with puppies, or dogs that haven’t been leash trained yet, you need a leash to control them, without harming them at the same time. If you are wondering how to walk a dog that pulls, using a front clip harness is the answer. This simply pulls them back to you. Tugging directly on a collar is not advised as it chokes the dog. Your dog will never learn what you’re expecting it to do if you are using one of these, and you can really hurt them.

2. Is an Extendable Lead needed?

An extendable lead is a great way for your dog to roam about freely, while still being in your control. If your dog is trained, then it is a great idea to invest in one. However, they are not suitable for crowded places but are good enough for parks and areas where you wouldn’t meet someone else. However, if you are taking your dog to a place where other dogs are present, it is most likely that your pet will be distracted, and leave the extendable lead at home.

3. Give yourself plenty of time

A dog walk shouldn’t be a ten-minute outing, waiting for your dog to do its business. You need to give yourself and your dog time to relax into it, especially if you are still training them. This will allow your pet to get used to the surroundings and they won’t get too excited. Usually, most dogs prefer a morning walk, when they are just out of bed and are not very excited. The weather is cooler in the mornings which is preferred by the dogs.

4. Employ a dog walker

If you are busy, you should consider hiring a dog walker. Not only will they give your pet the exercise that it needs, but they can also leash train your pet while they do so. This will also help in leash training your dog which will make it easy for you when you take your dog for a walk when you’re free.

5. Carry Treats

If you are leash training your dog by yourself, always bring treats that they love. A great walking tip is to get small treats that are designed for training but make sure they are lower in calories. During the early days of training your dog, you will have to give plenty of treats to them and reduce the frequency later when they start learning.

6. Don’t reward for bad behavior

Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know
Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

Remember that treats aren’t the only way for you to praise your dog. Playing with them, cheering them, and petting them come under rewards. So, make sure when you are training your pet that you don’t use one of these methods to reward bad behavior. This will ruin the training that you have given to your dog previously and will also put your dog in dilemma on which instruction it has to follow.

7. Carry water

Your pet might get thirsty during its walk, just like we humans do. Bringing a healthy supply of water is a must for your dog’s safety. Dogs get exhausted during hot days through panting. So, carrying water is essential.

8. Always check the weather

Hot weather can be dangerous for your dog, so it is always important to be aware of your dog’s safety. A hot walkway can severely damage a dog’s paws, causing its pads to burn and blister. Take them for walks during the early morning and late evening when it is cooler. There is also an alternative, which is, putting booties on your dog, but many dogs do not prefer this.

9. Identification

Make sure that your dog has its identification on its collar. A dog slipping its leash can happen very often so it is very important that your dog is also microchipped so that it can be identified if this ever happens. It is advised that you use reflective gear for your dogs and for yourself if you are taking them for a walk during the night. It can either be on a coat, harness, or leash.

10. Scoop the poop

You might not like it, but it has to be done. Not only to keep walking areas a pleasant place for everyone, but also for your dogs, and other dogs’ health.

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