Are German shepherds known to be “chewers” or destroyers of household items?

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German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for good reason. They are intelligent, loyal, and make excellent companions. However, one common issue that many German Shepherd owners face is their tendency to chew and destroy household items. If you’re a new or prospective German Shepherd owner, you may be wondering if this is a common trait in the breed. Fear not, as we delve into this topic in this post and provide you with some valuable insights and tips on managing this behavior. So, let’s find out if German Shepherds are prone to chewing and destroying household items.

German Shepherds are a popular breed of dog known for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. They are often used as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, and service dogs. However, one common issue that many German Shepherd owners face is their tendency to chew and destroy household items.

In this blog post, we will explore why German Shepherds have a reputation for being chewers, what can be done to prevent destructive behavior, and how to address it when it does occur.

Why do German Shepherds chew and destroy household items?

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, especially puppies. It helps them explore their environment, relieve stress, and soothe teething pain. However, when this behavior becomes destructive, it can be frustrating for owners and potentially dangerous for the dog.

There are several reasons why German Shepherds may be prone to destructive chewing:

1. Boredom: German Shepherds are intelligent and active dogs that require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. If they don’t receive enough exercise and attention, they may become bored and turn to destructive behavior as a way to entertain themselves.

2. Separation anxiety: German Shepherds are known for being loyal and attached to their owners. When they are left alone for long periods, they may experience separation anxiety, which can manifest as destructive behavior.

3. Teething: Like all puppies, German Shepherds go through a teething phase where they need to chew to relieve discomfort as their adult teeth come in.

4. Lack of training: If a German Shepherd has not been properly trained to understand what is and is not appropriate to chew, they may continue to chew household items out of habit.

How to prevent chewing and destructive behavior

Prevention is key when it comes to addressing destructive behavior in German Shepherds. Here are some tips to prevent your dog from chewing on household items:

Are German shepherds known to be “chewers” or destroyers of household items?

1. Provide plenty of exercise: German Shepherds require a lot of exercise, both physical and mental. Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and stimulation to prevent boredom and anxiety.

2. Provide appropriate chew toys: Offer your dog a variety of safe and appropriate chew toys to satisfy their chewing needs. This can include toys specifically designed for teething puppies, puzzle toys, and durable chew toys.

3. Crate train your dog: Crate training can be an effective way to prevent destructive behavior when you are not able to supervise your dog. Make sure the crate is appropriately sized and comfortable for your dog, and gradually introduce them to the crate with positive reinforcement and treats.

4. Properly train your dog: Teach your German Shepherd what is and is not appropriate to chew through positive reinforcement training. Reward your dog for chewing on appropriate items and redirect them when they attempt to chew on something they shouldn’t.

How to address destructive behavior

If your German Shepherd does exhibit destructive behavior despite your best prevention efforts, there are several steps you can take to address the behavior:

1. Supervise your dog: When you are home, supervise your dog to prevent them from chewing on inappropriate items. If you catch them in the act, redirect them to an appropriate chew toy and praise them when they use it.

2. Address the underlying cause: If your German Shepherd is chewing due to boredom, anxiety, or another underlying issue, address that issue to prevent further destructive behavior.

3. Use deterrents: There are several products on the market designed to discourage dogs from chewing on household items, such as bitter apple spray or a deterrent collar. Use these products as directed to discourage your dog from chewing on inappropriate items.

4. Seek professional help: If your German Shepherd’s destructive behavior persists despite your efforts, consider seeking the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. They can help identify the underlying cause of the behavior and provide guidance on how to address it effectively.


Overall, German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and loyalty, but they can also be prone to destructive chewing behavior. By understanding why this behavior occurs and taking steps to prevent and address it, owners can help their German Shepherds avoid destructive behavior and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Remember to provide plenty of exercise and stimulation, offer appropriate chew toys, crate train your dog, properly train your dog, supervise your dog, address the underlying cause of the behavior, use deterrents, and seek professional help if necessary. With patience and persistence, you can help your German Shepherd overcome destructive chewing behavior and be the best companion possible.

In conclusion, German Shepherds can be prone to chewing and destroying household items, but this behavior is not exclusive to this breed. With proper training, exercise, and providing them with appropriate toys and chews, you can prevent destructive behavior from your furry friend. Remember that patience and consistency are key when it comes to training your German Shepherd. With love, patience, and dedication, your German Shepherd can become a well-behaved and loving companion that brings joy to your household for years to come.

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