Solving Fish Fights: What to Do When Your Aquarium Fish Won’t Get Along

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Solving Fish Fights: What to Do When Your Aquarium Fish Won't Get Along

Fish fights can be a common occurrence in aquariums, and it can be difficult to know what to do when your fish won’t get along. But worry not, because today we’re going to discuss the steps you can take to solve fish fights in your aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy. From understanding the reasons why fish fight to taking the necessary steps to create a calm environment, we’ll cover it all. So if you’re ready to learn how to quickly and effectively solve fish fights in your aquarium, let’s dive right in!

When you add fish to your home aquarium, it’s normal to expect some squabbles. Fish are social creatures, and it’s not always easy to predict the outcome of adding new fish to an established tank. Even if they all seem to get along initially, fights can still start.

The good news is that most fish fights are preventable. Understanding why fish fight and how to address the issue can help you create a peaceful, harmonious tank.

What Causes Fish Fights?

When two or more fish fight, it’s usually because of territorial disputes or competition for resources. Territorial disputes are common in the fish world, and the same can be true in an aquarium. Fish may fight over places to hide or spots to claim as their own. They may also fight over food and space in the tank. The fish may even be fighting for dominance in the tank.

Another factor that can cause fish fights is stress. Fish can become stressed from overcrowding, overfeeding, or the presence of aggressive fish. Stress can make fish more aggressive, leading to fights.

How to Prevent Fish Fights

Although it’s impossible to completely avoid fish fights, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of them occurring.

The first step is to ensure your tank is properly set up. This means making sure that the tank is the right size for the number of fish you have, that the water is clean and well-filtered, and that you have plenty of hiding places for the fish. If you have multiple fish, it’s also important to provide plenty of space for them to spread out and establish their own territories.

The second step is to introduce fish to the tank slowly and carefully. When adding new fish, it’s best to add just one at a time. This will give each fish time to adjust to their new environment and establish a hierarchy.

Finally, keep an eye on the fish in your tank. If you notice any signs of stress or aggression, such as chasing, nipping, or fin-biting, take action quickly.

What to Do When Fish Fights Occur

If your fish do start fighting, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue.

First, you can try providing more hiding places in the tank. This may help to reduce the territorial disputes between fish. You can also try rearranging the decorations in the tank to create more places for the fish to hide.

Second, you can remove the fish that are fighting. If the fighting is between two specific fish, you can try separating them and keeping them in separate tanks. If the fighting is between multiple fish, you can try removing some of the fish to reduce overcrowding.

Third, you can try adding aquarium salt to the tank. This can help to reduce aggression and stress among the fish.

Finally, if the fish show signs of stress or aggression, you can try adding calming supplements to the tank. These supplements can help to reduce stress and aggression in the tank.


Fish fights can be stressful for you and your fish. However, by understanding why fish fight and taking action to prevent fights from occurring, you can help create a peaceful, harmonious aquarium. If fights do occur, there are steps you can take to address the issue and reduce the stress and aggression in the tank.

When it comes to solving fish fights, it’s important to remember that the key is to take a proactive approach. Don’t wait until things have gotten out of hand before you take action – as soon as you notice signs of aggression, you should take steps to separate the fish and make sure everyone is safe. By understanding the causes of fish fights and making sure your aquarium is properly set up, you’ll be able to keep the peace in your tank and ensure a happy, healthy home for your aquatic friends.

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