Support Resources for Couples Raising a Rabbit

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Raising a rabbit can be an exciting and rewarding experience for a couple. However, like any pet, it comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. It’s important for couples to have resources and support groups to ensure they provide the best care for their furry friend. From online communities to local organizations, there are various avenues couples can explore to find the help and guidance they need. In this blog post, we will delve into the different resources and support groups that can be helpful for a couple raising a rabbit.

1. Online Rabbit Communities:
– Websites like Rabbit Forum ( and Bunny Approved ( host active communities where rabbit owners can connect, seek advice, and share experiences.
– These online communities can offer valuable insights into rabbit care, behavior, and health concerns. They can be a great source of support and guidance for couples navigating the unique challenges of raising a rabbit.

2. Local Rabbit Rescue Organizations:
– Local rabbit rescue organizations are dedicated to the welfare of rabbits and provide resources and support to rabbit owners.
– These organizations often have experienced volunteers and staff who can offer advice on various aspects of rabbit care, including diet, housing, and behavior.
– Contacting a local rabbit rescue organization can also be beneficial for couples who are looking to adopt a rabbit or are interested in participating in educational events and activities.


3. Veterinarians Specializing in Exotic Animals:
– Finding a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals, including rabbits, is crucial for a couple raising a rabbit.
– These professionals have in-depth knowledge about rabbit health, nutrition, and well-being, and can provide essential medical care and advice.
– The House Rabbit Society ( has a directory of rabbit-savvy veterinarians across different regions, making it easier for couples to find a reliable healthcare provider for their rabbit.

4. Social Media Groups:
– Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram host numerous groups dedicated to rabbit care and support.
– Joining these groups can connect couples with a wider community of rabbit enthusiasts, experts, and experienced owners.
– These groups often share valuable tips, answer questions, and provide support during various stages of rabbit ownership.

5. Local Rabbit Breeders:
– Although primarily focused on breeding, many rabbit breeders are knowledgeable about proper rabbit care and are willing to offer guidance and assistance.
– Connecting with local breeders can be an opportunity to learn from experienced individuals who have extensive knowledge about specific rabbit breeds.

With the availability of these resources and support groups, couples can find help, advice, and camaraderie throughout their journey of raising a rabbit.


Q1. Are there any rabbit-specific books I can refer to for more information?
A1. Yes, there are several books dedicated to rabbit care. “Rabbit Handbook” by Karen Gendron and “House Rabbit Handbook” by Marinell Harriman are popular choices.

Q2. How can I find a reputable rabbit breeder in my area?
A2. The American Rabbit Breeders Association ( is a reliable resource for finding registered breeders. Local rabbit shows and events can also provide an opportunity to meet and connect with breeders.

Q3. Can I connect with other rabbit owners in my locality?
A3. Yes, platforms like often have local groups that organize gatherings and events for rabbit owners to connect and share experiences. Additionally, local pet stores may provide information on rabbit owners’ meetups.

Q4. Can I feed my rabbit a vegetarian diet?
A4. Rabbits are herbivores and require a diet primarily consisting of fresh hay, vegetables, and a small amount of pellets. It is important to consult a rabbit-savvy veterinarian for guidance on the appropriate diet and nutritional needs of your rabbit.

Q5. How can I introduce my rabbit to other pets, such as dogs or cats?
A5. Introducing a rabbit to other pets should be done carefully and gradually to ensure the safety and well-being of all animals involved. The House Rabbit Society ( provides helpful tips and guidance on introducing rabbits to other pets.

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